Age of Empires 4 showed us its naval battles

The spears are still being broken around graphics in the upcoming strategy game Age of Empires 4. New promotional materials for the fourth part of the cult series have recently been released and a good portion of the discussion is still focused on graphics. While the game doesn’t look awful, some fans point out that in 2021, it’s disappointing that in naval battles in the strategy game, there are no crews on ships, and the vessels themselves have no reflection on the water - something they had back in Age of Empires 3.

The situation is somewhat better on land and in the video where the studio shows us units of the Abbasid dynasty, the so-called camel riders.

Anyway, we’ll see in the tenth month how much the graphic presentation of Age of Empires 4 will have an impact on the overall impression of the game. Indeed, the game does not look like in the first trailer, but it is also known that graphics are not the most important thing in this series - if it were, more players would play Age of Empires 3 than the second part, which has not been the case for years.

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