The first images from Call of Duty: Vanguard have appeared (and will probably be removed soon)

The first images from Call of Duty: Vanguard have appeared

We officially know two things: the next Call of Duty will be subtitled Vanguard and will be set in World War II. Unofficially, we know that the game should be presented next Thursday, August 19. Materials in the form of pictures have already been prepared for the occasion, and as it usually happens - they have already appeared on the Internet.

The image you see above is not from Vanguard - you can find these promotional materials at this link. That is - * maybe * you can find them, but there is no guarantee of that because they are quickly removed from Activision and threaten those who dug up the materials.

The material depicts four characters, with an African-American and a woman in the foreground. Allegedly, the names of 3/4 of the characters were drawn, and they read Lucas, Polina, and Wade. These could likely be the characters whose stories we will follow in Vanguard's campaign. And the campaign may also be in co-op format (it wouldn't be the first time - Black Ops 3 had the same thing).

In addition to promotional materials, some other interesting information has been unearthed - but keep in mind that all this is still unofficial and unconfirmed. It is mentioned that the game should have maps with dynamic weather conditions and an anti-cheat system that will also be applied to CoD: Warzone. The game is reportedly due out in November in three editions: standard, cross-gen and ultimate. An open beta test will be held before release.

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