Braid - On this day

Braid - On this day

We usually experience video games through the parameters of three dimensions. The vast majority of games follow a linear sequence and do not deal with the time dimension. However, exactly 13 years ago, a small indie pearl called Braid appeared - a game in which time (i.e. the question of when) was just as important as space (i.e. the question of where).

Braid was a product of Jonathan Blow by which he deconstructed the tropes of classic games, either through gameplay in a 2D space that doesn't always end with game verification or through the story of rescuing a princess who may not want to be rescued.

Braid was designed so that the player encountered a series of obstacles through six different levels that he could solve only through the manipulation of time, either through individual segments of the level or through the entire level. Rewinding and accelerating the passage of time was the backbone of Braid's riddles.

Braid was originally released only in the Xbox 360 console version to appear on PC and PlayStation 3 a year later. Versions for Switch, PS4, XBO followed.… The game was received with great reviews and is today considered one of the best 2D platformers ever made.

Braid brought his creator a profit of six million dollars, and at the time he was an example and proof of how one small game can succeed next to a bunch of expensive projects. Based on the success of this game, independent production of games flourished on the seventh generation of consoles, and later on the PC.

The Braid Anniversary Edition is currently under development with improved graphics and developer comments. It has been announced for 2021, but there is no specific release date yet.

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