Battlefield will also be tried in a free-to-play format, says the head of Electronic Arts

Battlefield will also be tried in a free-to-play format

Free Apex Legends has earned Electronic Arts $ 1 billion in the last two years. More than Battlefield - which is paid. When it was announced that Battlefield 2042 would be a paid game, questions arose as to whether any free-to-play format was planned for the series.

If the head of Electronic Arts is to be believed - such a plan exists, we just don't know yet in what exact form. We know that Battlefield will be coming to mobile devices for the first time in the future, but it’s not entirely clear whether the mobile game will be that F2P experience or maybe some free mod for the main game is planned, modeled on Call of Duty and its Warzone. The head of Electronic Arts says that we can expect a free component of Battlefield, which sounds more like a separate mode.

In any case, Electronic Arts' goal is to keep players tied to Battlefield for as long as possible, as they say - "365 days a year on any platform where they want to play".

For Battlefield, this would not otherwise be the first time he has entered the waters of free-to-play. Ten years ago, there were two F2P Battlefield games: Battlefield Heroes and Play4Free. However, both were shut down in mid-2015.

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