The revelation of the mysterious horror game Abandoned turned into a comedy

mysterious horror game Abandoned turned into a comedy

Have you heard of the horror game Abandoned? If so, skip this introduction, if not - here is a summary. Abandoned is an indie game for PlayStation 5, a first-person horror game in which we run away from a crazy sect. Immediately after the announcement of the game, suspicions arose that it was the new Silent Hill, and an incredible amount of coincidence was unearthed for this thesis. But the game’s alleged developers point out that they have nothing to do with either Konami or Hide Koji, the guy who was supposed to run the last Silent Hill (s).

We were supposed to find out the truth in the sixth month through the promotion of the game directly on the PlayStation 5 console. The so-called “Realtime Experience” was supposed to show us the game and simulate playing through the vibrations of the DualSense controller. However, all that was postponed until August 10, that is yesterday.

And indeed, on the PlayStation 5 yesterday, the application for "real-time experience" games Abandoned could be downloaded. And all those interested were ready for the premiere at 9 p.m. Except the alleged developers weren’t ready so in the end, nothing was shown.

They said they had technical difficulties and we're working to fix them - but at the time of writing, 15 hours later, there is still no trace or voice of material for Abandoned.

Admittedly, they kicked out a short clip from the game where we see a potentially playful character walking in a house. And that's all.

Or is it not? Some are convinced that the clothing of the character portrayed is suspiciously reminiscent of what James Sunderland wore from Silent Hill 2. Ma, is the protagonist of Abandoned, Jason Longfield, actually the forgotten twin of James Sunderland? Everything is possible!

Anyway, this whole thing is a little comical now. And if it’s not some kind of mumbling campaign, developers probably don’t laugh. Some now claim that the whole thing was deliberately postponed to August 12 - because that was the birthday of P.T., a demo version of the untried Silent Hills.

There is no end to this craziness. Maybe it's a game, and there's no physical product?

Everything is possible!

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