Do you think the PlayStation 5 is a huge console? Just look at the developer version

PlayStation 5 developer version 1

The PlayStation 5 console is huge and bulky compared to all previous consoles, both Sony's and other people's. However, this is nothing compared to the developer console model - the so-called dev kit whose designs we saw before the PS5 were officially unveiled in the standard edition.

Someone on eBay these days was trying to sell two copies of a dev kit and a test kit model. There were 12 bids at the auction that reached the amount of 2850 euros, but then the whole thing was interrupted and the consoles disappeared from sale. Why? Simple: these things are forbidden to sell because they are obtained under very strict conditions and are intended exclusively for developers who have the blessing of Sony to develop games.

Anyway, the sale is discontinued, but the internet remembers and it is in the pictures that we can see how huge the dev kit model is, especially through the comparison with the DualSense controller. The reason for this is that the dev kit console model is not identical to the consumer version and is intended for any kind of experimentation during game development.

Given the huge airflow space in the middle of the console, it would be interesting to hear how this model sounds while running at full power.

PlayStation 5 developer version 2

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