Amazon’s MMO New World postponed for the fourth time

Amazon’s MMO New World postponed for the fourth time

Potentially the most anticipated game this month is no longer that because it won’t come out this month. Amazon Games has announced that their MMORPG title New World will not come out on August 31st, but a month later - on September 28th. It's Tuesday, by the way - you're welcome.

This is the fourth delay for New World, which was initially supposed to come out in the spring of 2020. The reason for the delay this time is the implementation of changes and additions based on feedback from players who participated in beta testing.

From what we heard, the players were mostly happy with the New World. In indoor testing, the game was played simultaneously by up to 200,000 players at a time, bringing New World to the list of the five most played games on Steam for a moment. During beta testing, players spent a total of 25 million hours on the New World.

It takes New World players to colonize the New World. Players can join different factions and set out to clean mobs and search for the best equipment possible. The game is not free unlike some other MMO titles, but also does not have a monthly subscription to play.

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