Matt Damon explained why he didn’t star in The Bourne Conspiracy

Matt Damon explained why he didn’t star in The Bourne Conspiracy

It’s been a long time since Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy action game. But if there is anything left in our memory from that game, it is that Jason Bourne was not played by the movie Bourne - Matt Damon. Bourne looked and sounded different in the game, and people wanted to know why.

In a 2008 interview with The Boston Globe, Damon said he tried to persuade the game's producers to create a puzzle adventure resembling the cult Myst instead of a shooter. The statement was later denied by High Moon Studios, claiming that they had never met Damon nor had he given them any suggestions.

And that’s where the story stopped, and given that it was an alleged statement in the print media, it wasn’t entirely clear if the actor really wanted the Jason Bourne game to be like Myst or it was a misunderstanding of a broken phone.

However, last weekend Damon was a guest on a popular YouTube show - Hot Ones - where he personally and unequivocally confirmed that he refused money to appear in the game because she was not like Myst.

"I just didn't want a first-person shooter. They offered me a bunch of money, but I told them: If you could make a game like Myst - I love that game. And they said 'no' to me and made (Bourne) a game without me. "

It remains unclear with whom Damon exactly talked about the game, but 13 years later it is practically irrelevant. The studio that made The Bourne Conspiracy is now working on Call of Duty games, so whatever Matt Damon comes up with again with the idea of making a game like Myst, we know how it would go.

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