Players aren’t particularly thrilled with the new Saints Row game

Players aren’t particularly thrilled with the new Saints Row game

A new game from the Saints Row series was unveiled last week. The plan is for this game, with a touch of the Wild West, to be a new beginning for a 15-year-old series. But most Saints Row fans aren’t impressed with what they’ve seen.

The ratio of positive and negative reactions on YouTube in all previous posts for Saints Row shows that players are not satisfied. Thus, 46 thousand negative ratings were recorded on the main YouTube channel Saints Rowa alone. If we include the publication of IGN, we have more than 75 thousand negative reactions to Saints Row.

What bothers the fans? Judging by the comments, the problem is the characters in the game, more precisely their design. It has been announced that Saints Row brings back the theme of gangsters, and the characters look like they are refugees from Fortnite. The main Saints team made up of The Boss, Nina, Kevin, and Eli acts to many as a group of students or hipsters more than as a renegade gang.

The creators of the game have not yet commented on the reaction of the players. Given that the new Saints Row is planned for the beginning of 2022, the project is already in an advanced stage of development and it is hard to believe that after a negative reaction, anything could change. But maybe the negative reaction of the fans was expected, and the new Saints Row is aimed at a completely new generation of players?

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