Steam and GOG are left without the official Stranger Things game

Steam and GOG are left without the official Stranger Things game

Stranger Things 3: The Game came out in 2019 and from then until today it has been available on PC via Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG. As of today, this will no longer be possible on the last two as this game is in the process of being removed from the said platforms. There is no removal information for Epic’s platform, but it is believed the same will happen there as well.

All this comes during Netflix's plan to include video games in its subscribers. All those who managed to get the game by August 31 will be able to keep it in their collection, without any worries about its disappearance. “We are very grateful to all the fans of Stranger Things who traveled with us into the past in the summer of ’85. for this Hawkins adventure, ”reads the announcement of the development studio BonusXP on Steam.

While the real reason for removing the official Stranger Things game is not stated, it is believed that Netflix wants full ownership of its content for the game integration attempt to be performed successfully. This is not the first case of removing Netflix content. A few weeks ago, we carried the news that the Stranger Things DLC was disappearing from the Dead in Daylight offering. Unlike 16-bit game players, those who enjoy this asymmetrical horror have until November 17 to get the Stranger Things expansion before it completely disappears.

By the way, Netflix has already launched its gaming offer on the mobile app. Polish subscribers can play Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game via Netflix. This whole process is still in the testing phase and will take time until it is fully functional. What is known is that the games will not contain commercials nor will it be possible to buy things within the games.

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