Tekken 2 - On this day

Tekken 2 - On this day

The Tekken martial arts series has always premiered on arcade machines in Japan, and the games came to home consoles a year later in a slightly expanded edition. So it was in the case of Tekken 2 which appeared in its arcade edition on this day 26 years ago.

The second King of the Iron Fist tournament brought back the fighters from the first part, among whom were Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Anna Williams, the resurrected Heihachi, and others. There were also some new characters so we met Lei Wulong, Jun Kazama, and Kangaroo Roger for the first time. They all fought for a THREE MILLION dollar prize in the tournament, and the story culminated in Heihachi’s revenge on his son Kazuya.

By switching from arcade machines to consoles, Tekken 2 brought some mods that have remained in the series to this day. For the first time, we saw Survival mode, Team Battle and Time Attack. The most interesting was Survival in which the energy of the fighter was transferred from match to match.

Tekken 2 was the most successful arcade game in Japan after its release in 1995. The console version later sold more than three million copies and was considered the best fighting game at the time. The original arcade version of Tekken 2 was included in Tekken 5 as Arcade History mode along with the first and third parts.

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