The Wayward Realms reportedly has such a huge world that it belongs to a new genre - Grand RPG

The Wayward Realms - huge world new genre - Grand RPG

Today’s games have huge open worlds. Some do not even have fixed square footage of territory but offer infinitely generated environments. But we have no idea how big virtual worlds can be, say Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, former Bethesda developers who worked on the Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall games.

The same duo returns after a long time and develops a game whose world will be so vast and huge that they call their project called The Wayward Realms a new class - grand RPG.

The Wayward Realms is a role-playing game with a medieval atmosphere and fantastic themes. Its main asset is the world called Archipelago, scattered on more than a hundred islands. This place of action supposedly has cities with a hundred to a thousand characters, dark and dangerous forests, huge mountain massifs, stretched swamps, wide oceans - everything! And it’s all procedurally generated, so it’s not a manually designed world.

And the game is not an MMO, at least as far as we can interpret from their vision. The game will have a so-called Game Master, ie a system that will monitor the player's moves and, depending on them, orders the characters in the world to react to them. Developers say that with such a system no player will have the same gaming experience.

In addition to the huge world, The Wayward Realms promises real role-playing. As the developers say, there won’t be pre-baked classes like a knight or a wizard here, but players will have complete freedom to design their character. It will also reportedly encourage the development of characters who are atypical.

Of course, these are all promises that sound interesting. But we still need to see the Wayward Realms in a more concrete way to believe in everything that the developers have planned. It seems that we will have to wait a while for that because the game has not yet set a release date.

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