Bayonetta 3 got its first appearance, coming out in 2022

Bayonetta 3 got its first appearance, coming out in 2022

When Nintendo announced that it would be showing games for this winter in the new Direct, I honestly did not expect the premiere of the action game Bayonetta 3. Almost four years have passed since the announcement of that game without any materials and it seemed that it would be the same this time. . However - the witch appeared and shut down Nintendo Direct in the best possible way.

The three-minute video showed us Bayonetta’s confrontation with a large monster in the middle of Tokyo and several other gameplay footages. The most impressive part of the display involves Bayonetta's invocation of huge creatures (dragon, spider, and bird) which he then controls… by dancing? It looks crazy, we’re not going to lie, and it’s a bit reminiscent of the concept of the canceled Platinum game Scalebound.

It’s popular on the internet to comment on the characters ’looks so I’ll just comment on how Bayonetta in a trio looks closer to what she looked like in the unit - primarily because they got her long hair back. It is also noticeable that he uses more makeup than ever before. Ok, that's where I stop making expert observations!

As for the look of the game itself, it can be seen to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. On the plus side though, Platinum is trying to keep the gameplay at 60 frames per second, although it’s clear from the video that this won’t be feasible in all segments.

Bayonetta 3 does not have a specific release date yet, but Nintendo is announcing it for 2022.

The intriguing thing otherwise happened at the end of the video when a mysterious character is shown who will appear in the third part. Many agree that this character, with his appearance and weapons, is reminiscent of Virgil from the Devil May Cry series. Is it Vergil and will Bayonetta and Devil May Cry make an unexpected crossover? We don’t know for now, but the future could be interesting.

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