It is finally revealed what is new in NBA 2K22

It is finally revealed what is new in NBA 2K22

There are three days left until the release of NBA 2K22, and we finally know what changes that game will bring. Watch out now - a bunch of clothes and shoes are coming into play according to renowned brands such as Boss, Union, and… Crocs! These do not necessarily sport brands, but branded clothing/footwear is there to make your character an off-field clown anyway.

Here are all the brands that will appear in NBA 2K22:


Of course, we are joking that this is the main novelty of this basketball simulation. Luckily, we also found out some information about novelties in gameplay and mods. The developers say that performing more demanding moves this year will require more skills and that the difference between top and average basketball players will now be more pronounced. On the other hand, it is stated that the blocking mechanics have been completely redesigned and that players will never have more options to play defense.

The NBA 2K22 will also follow the seasonal content model. All additional content will be free for all game buyers and will be related to the MyTeam, MyCareer, and The W mods. through the seasons, with new challenges and rewards.

It has been confirmed that NBA 2K22 will have a minimal cross-progression system on consoles. Eg. if you have the PS4 version and then upgrade to the PS5 version, you will be able to save your progress in the game. The same goes for upgrading from the XBO version to the XSX / S version of the game. In addition to progress within the game, virtual currencies are also being transferred.

NBA 2K22 on PS5 and XSX / S consoles will have a whole new city to explore, with a new system of quests. Versions for the PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch, and PC will explore their Neighborhood mode in the form of a cruiser that will dock at multiple locations over the seasons and bring players new competitions.

MyCarreer mode on PS5 and XSX / S consoles will merge with City mode and deliver a story with some new but also familiar characters. There will be Hidden Talents mechanics with which basketball players will be able to invest inside things to increase their publicity. For example, they will be able to become hip-hop musicians or design their fashion line. This will not be the case on PC, PS4, XBO, and Switch consoles, but the career will be as traditional as before.

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