Jagged Alliance 3 arrives for PC

Jagged Alliance 3 arrives for PC

Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, after the successful revival of the Tropico series, plan to do the same thing with the tactical series Jagged Alliance. Jagged Alliance 3 for PC is in development, and it will take us to African territory.

The fictional land of Grand Chien is in chaos after the paramilitary group The Legion takes power. The deposed president contacts the Adonis organization, which sends its mercenaries to help him fight the Legion. Of course, the player has control over these mercenaries, including some celebrities from previous Jagged Alliance games.

Jagged Alliance 3 promises a tactical turn-based fight, an RPG structure in which we will train our group of mercenaries, upgrade their weapons, etc. The game will be able to be played solo or with players in cooperative online mode.

Release date not specified.

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