The PlayStation 5 Dev sold for 6,050 euros

The PlayStation 5 Dev sold for 6,050 euros

To clarify one thing - technically there is no PlayStation 5 with a pizza heating function. But there is therefore a dev kit model of the PS5 console for game creators, whose shape is suitable for placing a piece of pizza (triangular) right where the warm air comes out of the console.

Is the operating temperature of that model enough to heat the pizza? We don’t know, but somehow we think that way of heating food isn’t the healthiest anyway. The whole thing is a joke that dates back even before the look of the PlayStation 5 was introduced in the standard edition. But someone used the joke well to sell a dev kit model of the PS5 console on eBay.

The auction ended after 59 bids and the console was sold for 6050 euros. It’s not entirely clear if the three pizzas out of the box are included in the console package.

Of course, such a high price is not paid because the PizzaStation 5 has an ideal space to put a piece of pizza, but because the dev kit models of the console are not otherwise on sale. The only way to get such a model is directly from Sony, provided you are a registered game developer. The device itself has its allure and the fact that it is more powerful than the standard model, and let's not forget that it is black.

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