The creators of eFootball 2022 use a survey to examine players what needs to be fixed in the game first

The creators of eFootball 2022 use a survey to examine players

The developers of eFootball 2022 are aware that * something * is wrong with this game. And they probably have a list of problematic things that need to be fixed for the game to come out of the genre of psychological horror and become a football simulation. The only thing is that they are not quite sure where to start, ie in what order to correct the problems.

Nothing for that - the players themselves will tell them! In the next three days, the questionnaire will explore the priorities and wishes of players who care about eFootball. Following update 0.9.1, which arrives in early November, it will focus on developing the game according to the guidelines they receive from survey participants.

Anyone interested can take part in the survey (which is a double-edged sword for Konami). A total of 108 questions have been prepared, which take you about 10 minutes to answer on average. You can find the survey at this link.

The questions touch on almost all aspects of gameplay: dribbling, free kicks, ball physics, variety of shots, the responsiveness of passing, playing defense, etc. Feedback is also sought on other segments of the game such as tactical options, the sound of commentators and fans, cameras, goal celebrations, etc. Of course, there is the question: "How satisfied are you with the realism of facial animations in football players?"

The answers to the question: "How many matches did you play in eFootball 2022?" Are interesting, and they are the answers: none, 1-5, 6-10, and 11 and more. This doesn't have to mean anything, but it can also be speculated that Konami's statistics indicate that players are giving up eFootball 2022 relatively quickly.

At the end of the survey, you can leave your impression of the game with your words to Konami. Reading the current reactions of players on Twitter, I can only say that someone will have no thankful job of collecting other people’s impressions. On Twitter, players say they are not interested in the poll because Konami did not listen to them even before the debacle with eFootball 2022. The most common suggestion that can be read is to simply "delete" the game and update PES 2021.

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