The new Star Wars game will be announced in December

The new Star Wars game will be announced in December

We won’t be playing new Star Wars games this fall, but we should still welcome the announcement of another adventure in a distant galaxy in December. The Star Wars consumer product discovery campaign started yesterday, so the schedule for discovering things was published. That schedule states that we will get gaming-related product discovery in 10 weeks.

It is not explicitly stated that this is a game, but I somehow doubt that it would be a Star Wars console or a special Star Wars edition of existing consoles. The unveiling is scheduled for December 14.

There is no shortage of candidates when it comes to Star Wars games that could be featured. We know for sure that two are in the works: the sequel to the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Ubisoft's Star Wars open world. Recently, we even heard rumors that the creators of Detroit and Heavy Rain are working on the Star Wars game.

The only thing that is a bit strange in this whole story is the opening date itself - December 14. Namely, just five days before that date, The Game Awards takes place, a show with announcements of new games watched by tens of millions of players. It is strange, therefore, that Lucasfilm plans to discover something new on a much smaller “stage”. But it’s not impossible to get a teaser at the Game Awards for the unveiling that will follow five days later.

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