Now Google is suing Epic Games over Fortnite

Now Google is suing Epic Games over Fortnite

The creators of the popular game Fortnite lost the first round in a court battle with Apple, but the case is still ongoing. And another dispute is ongoing because Epic Games has just received a lawsuit from Google. More specifically, a counterclaim because Epic sued Google in the same way they sued Apple in 2020 - claiming they were enforcing a monopoly on their platform, i.e. disabling healthy competition on the Android OS.

However, Google disagrees, arguing that it does not force users to download Android apps through the Google Play Store. They may do anything to distract them from the idea of ​​installing apps outside of Google Play, but that’s not the same as forcing them to use - at least by Google.

Google also claims that Epic Games intentionally violated the contract it had with them. That is, the additional method of monetization in Fortnite for Android was not inserted by accident, but they were aware of what they were doing and did so to provoke a dispute with Google.

Fortnite has not been available on the Google Play Store for more than a year. However, unlike the iOS platform, it can still be played on Android - you just have to install it via the Epic Games Store.

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