Rainbow Six Extraction got a release date

Rainbow Six Extraction got a release date

The cooperative shooting of aliens in the game Rainbow Six Extraction was supposed to start this year but was eventually postponed to the beginning of 2022. Officially, Ubisoft did not specify the specific release date of the game but recently revealed on their blog that Rainbow Six Exgtraction arrives on January 20th. 2022

The Rainbow Six spin-off will thus fight for the audience with Elden Ring and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which come out a week apart and are currently the three most prominent games in the first month of next year.

Rainbow Six Extraction will otherwise confront 18 Rainbow Six Sieg operatives with an alien threat called Arch├Žns. Although the game is promoted as a cooperative Rainbow Six, it will be possible to play independently, ie with computer-controlled comrades.

The goal of each mission will be to pull operatives out of the infected zone, but if a player fails to do so, his teammates will get an option: they can take a risk and embark on a rescue mission of a fallen operative, or they can leave him to save themselves. In case they leave him, the player for future missions will no longer have an operative who was killed until he completes the rescue mission.

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