Minecraft - The Wild Update

Minecraft - The Wild Update

Minecraft players are still waiting for the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update, but they already have reason to rejoice about the content that will follow. As part of the Minecraft Live convention, a new expansion of the game called The Wild was announced last weekend.

The Wild will bring a new biome of Mangrove to Minecraft, a kind of wetland area. After bees and chamois, frogs and tadpoles will appear in the game. And fireflies, which will be food for the same frogs. But the most interesting addition will still be mud or blocks of mud that can be created by mixing water and clay.

In the new Deep Dark biome, we will also see Skulk blocks and meet a new type of opponent - Warden. The opponent will be specific because he will perceive the player through vibrations and not through sight. The developers, therefore, announce that the best tactic against this enemy will be sneaking, you just need to be careful when sneaking in the mud because the player then falls slightly.

The Wild expansion for Minecraft is planned some time for 2022.

In addition to the first information about future content, it has been announced that Minecraft in the PC version will arrive at the Xbox Game Pass for PC. This will happen during the 11th month, and players will have access to two separate versions of the game - Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

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