A new world record has been set in the rapid crossing of the Skyrim

A new world record has been set in the rapid crossing of the Skyrim

How fast can you finish the main story in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? This venture usually takes 20-30 hours of play. But in the speedrunner community, those transitions are much shorter. Earlier this year, a record was set in a non-glitch speed run that completed the Skyrim in 73 minutes and seven seconds. Ten months later, that record was broken and a new one was set - the fastest Skyrim crossing to date took one hour, twelve minutes, and fifteen seconds.

He was set up by a speedrunner under the nickname nuclear, which thus only surpassed his previous result because he held the previous record as well. As we mentioned, this is a glitchless speed run that doesn’t take advantage of bugs and other glitches to get the game over as soon as possible. This is the transition of the game according to its rules - with a few ingenious solutions to speed up the transition.

A method that saved almost two minutes was found relatively recently. It is connected to the quest A Cornered War in which, with a little luck and a lot of effort, the guard can be forced to follow the player to the very end of the quest so that he can arrest him at the end and send him to prison. This way the player is teleported from the location so he doesn’t have to waste time looking for an exit.

Here's what Skyrim's fastest crossing to date looked like:

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