Ubisoft games may be returning to Steam

Ubisoft games may be returning to Steam

An entry related to Ubisoft Connect - a client program for PC games from Ubisoft - appeared in the Steam database yesterday. It is not yet known what this means, but there is a potential indication that Ubisoft's games could reappear on Steam.

Namely, Ubisoft decided almost three years ago that it will no longer launch its games on Steam but the Epic Games Store and on its Uplay platform, which has been renamed Ubisoft Connect. Steam users have not had the opportunity to play The Division 2, Assassin’s Creed Valley, Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 6, and other Ubisoft games since 2019 on their platform.

A similar break was had by the publishing house Electronic Arts, whose games with Steam were absent for a good nine years, only to return to Steam in 2020. Given the fact that users of the Epic Games Store have not proven to be large consumers, we would not be surprised if Ubisoft plans to return to Steam.

Earlier this year, company president Yves Guillemot expressed interest in Valve’s Steam Deck laptop and said his company would support the device if it turns out to have a large enough user base. On the other hand, Steam continues to grow, and four times in 2021, a record in user activity was set on that platform, which is something that Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect do not brag about in their "homes".

The return of Ubisoft games to Steam has not yet been officially confirmed. Is there any truth behind this story - we will find out soon?


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