Far Cry 3 - On this day

Far Cry 3 - On this day

Have we ever told you the definition of madness? If we haven’t, Vaas from Far Cry 3 did it exactly nine years ago. The most successful game of the Far Cry series came out in the late years of the seventh generation of consoles and set the pattern by which Ubisoft subsequently stamped almost all of its single-player games.

Already the second part of Far Cry was set in the open world, but only the trio took full advantage of the so-called sandbox design, giving us a bunch of activities that, unlike running for a malaria drug from Far Cry 2, were fun. Hunting awakened our predatory instincts in Far Cry 3, and conquering enemy scouts and bases brought us useful things in the fight against pirates from a tropical paradise, Rook Island.

The success of the game was certainly due to its characters. The palette was led by the legendary Vaas performed by actor Michael Mand, but equally memorable was his sister Citra, a crazy doctor with mushrooms, and even the main character Jason Brody, who from the initial slacker to the end of the game turned into a real maniac. Still, Vaas was ultimately the one who became the face of the game even though he wasn’t the main villain in it either.

One of the reasons why Vaas remained so striking can be found in the fact that he was the first character we saw during the premiere presentation of the game at E3. That presentation was one of the best that Ubisoft had. In the end, it turned out that the presentation was more beautiful than the game itself in the final version, so Far Cry 3 became one of the early examples of Ubisoft's practice of degrading the graphic quality of games compared to their initial demonstration.

Despite this, Far Cry 3 had extremely successful sales results after its release, and after only two years of sales, it was played by more than ten million players. No wonder then that the fourth part followed two years later, and in 2016 we also got the spin-off title Far Cry Primal. Far Cry 5 from 2018 repeated the triple formula by expanding it with cooperative multiplayer. That same year, we also got Far Cry 3 Classic - a minimal game remaster for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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