Dragon Age: Inquisition - On this day

Dragon Age: Inquisition - On this day

2011 was a phenomenal year on paper for fans of fantasy RPGs as the Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and The Witcher series got new games half a year apart. Although Dragon Age was the “freshest” among those series and although it had a dragon in its name, players found more fun with the Dragons in The Witcher 2 and Skyrim. The BioWare development team noticed that he was the last in that race, so he took more time for the next Dragon Age and delivered it to this day seven years ago.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was a revolutionary game more for BioWare itself than for the players. The engine used in the first two parts was not designed to handle a game with a large open world. The team needed a new engine for the vision of the new game, and it coincided with the fact that the publishing house Electronic Arts then came up with the idea that all their studios develop games in Frostbite 3, an advanced engine used for games from the Battlefield series. BioWare's transition to Frostbite 3 provided a lot of opportunities, but also trouble because they worked with someone else's tool that was not adapted for RPG titles.

Still, what they delivered was impressive during that time. The world in Dragon Age: Inquisition was still divided into separate regions, but the areas themselves were significantly larger than in previous games. The most attractive part was the dragons themselves - there were more of them than in previous games, and the battles with them were extremely tense.

The gameplay in the Inquisition was similar to previous games in the series. He fought as a team, and the player could choose between nine helpers, most of whom could be more than helpers. The fight still had the option to pause, and the player could take control of any character on the team. The selection system in the dialogues approached the circular format from the Mass Effect games, and instead of a camp, we had our own Fort Skyhold from which we could choose strategic missions.

Inquisition also introduced a cooperative multiplayer in the series. You could play in fours, choose from nine characters and solve missions on three maps. The multiplayer mode itself was separate from the main campaign and had a separate promotion system.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has since garnered good reviews and high marks. At the end of 2014, he won numerous awards for best game of the year. Numerous game extensions followed that came out over the next year, concluding with Trespasser who concluded the story itself and laid the groundwork for the sequel we’re still waiting for.

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