Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is shared for free

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is shared for free

We wrote last week that the publishing house Ubisoft will donate two PC games on its Ubisoft Connect platform for its 35th birthday. The first was Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, which they donated until Sunday. Now a new offer has started: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is available free of charge.

Get Free Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PC)

This is a quiet adventure from 2005 and, according to many, the best part of Splinter Cell. It was the first Splinter Cell marked 18+, in which players could eliminate opponents after catching and questioning them. It had a game and a cooperative component, but online multiplayer has been shut down since 2016.

The game normally costs $9.99, and if by some chance you don't want it for free on Ubisoft Connect, you can get it on Steam for $2.49. If you are still interested in a free copy, you can add it to your collection no later than November 25th.

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