Vaas DLC for Far Cry 6 has been launched

Vaas DLC for Far Cry 6 has been launched

The first of three planned extensions for Far Cry 6 is available. The Insanity DLC is focused on the antagonist of Far Cry 3, the legendary Vaas. This time Vaas is in a playful role, with an interesting plot related to the definition of madness. In this case, Vaas experiences his madness in a roguelike format - he tries to survive the challenge set by his sister, dies, and goes through the same thing again, hoping that things will change.

The Insanity DLC is available to all owners of a season pass for Far Cry 6 $39.99, or as a separate episode $14.99. In addition to this expansion, episodes with other villains will soon arrive Pagan-Min from FC4 and Father from FC5.


On this occasion, the team from Ubisoft interviewed actor Michael Mand, to whom they owe a good part of Vaas' popularity. In case you didn’t know, the villain in Far Cry 3 was initially envisioned as a significantly different character from Vaas, called Bull, and the game’s creators were looking for a tall and frowning actor to embody him. However, Mand’s performance in a completely different direction thrilled them so much that they ultimately decided to design a character after him.

Mando welcomed the return to the role of Vaas as an opportunity to expand his performance and clarify him as a character. He explained how Vaas stemmed in large part from the energy of his childhood, from a childish habit of energetically jumping on tables. For Vaasa, he says that his core is in the child who has not grown up - he does not want to hurt anyone, but he does not understand the pain he inflicts.

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