Ubisoft has lost a significant number of employees in the last six months

Developers are leaving Ubisoft

The French company Ubisoft celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, but it was rare for anyone in the company to celebrate. This was a turbulent year for Ubisoft in which the company faced the consequences of accusations of toxic work culture and disappointed fans of its games with some projects. According to the Axios portal, the worst problem for Ubisoft at the moment is the "exodus" of developers.

Reportedly, developers and other employees are leaving Ubisoft en masse. Five key people working on Far Cry 6 have left Ubisoft, and 12 of Assassin’s Creed Valhalle’s 50 leading developers have severed ties with Ubisoft even earlier. According to data from LinkedIn, Ubisoft's studios in Montreal and Toronto have lost at least 60 employees in the last six months.

It should be borne in mind that it is not uncommon for developers to leave their jobs after the completion of large projects. Also, Ubisoft claims to have hired 2,600 new people in the last eight months, so it’s not that no one has to do games. The only problem is that Ubisoft sees its games as a live service, which means that new developers must continue to run "other people's" games.

Former Ubisoft developers interviewed by Axios claim that workers are frustrated with the direction Ubisoft is heading. The recent case of Ubisoft Quartz NFTs is just one example of this, and it is unofficially said that even Ubisoft's developers do not understand why the company risks its relationship with players by chasing unsecured earnings.

Ubisoft is the first major record label to publicly embrace the idea of ​​irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) in games, launching them at Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PC. For now, this has proved to be a failure - players have received it extremely negatively, and those who are trying to sell NFTs in the game are facing extremely low and almost non-existent demand, due to which there is no profit.

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