The horror version of Manhunt is coming - it's called Tormentor

The horror version of Manhunt is coming - it's called Tormentor

Remember Manhunt, a controversial game directed by Rockstar? There has been no similar game for a long time, but now something has been announced that reminds us a lot of that violent and bloody episode. Tormentor is a new game being developed by Madmind Studio teams, the same one that signs the extremely brutal games Agony and Succubus.

In Tormentor, we take on the role of a ruthless torturer who is paid by "sponsors" to carry out executions of criminals sentenced to death. The abandoned prison complex "playground" is Tormentor, where he broadcasts his executions to spectators. Although criminals are his victims of torture, the show is that they are all armed so the player has to hunt them down in secret.

The tormentor will be played from a third-person perspective. In addition to sneaking up and explicit depictions of violence, it will also have a managerial section as we will be able to upgrade the prison with various torture devices to cater to sponsors who watch the show.

Tormentor has been announced for the PC, and judging by the level of violence he will most likely not even end up on consoles. The developers say that they are developing the game for the current hardware, which means that they will have support for raytracing effects.

The release date of the game has not been set yet.

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