The modification that turns Horizon Zero Dawn into a VR game

Modification that turns Horizon Zero Dawn into a VR game

Modder Luke Ross is a real lifesaver among fans of VR games. Through his experimentation, support for VR thus unofficially gained Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, and now Sony's game Horizon: Zero Dawn has joined the list.

Unlike GTA and RDR games, Horizon does not have the option of playing first-person, so his move to switch to VR primarily required the installation of a new camera. For now, this solution is a bit awkward and doesn't work all the time - for example, you still have to watch dialogues with a third-party camera. The fight is also not very first-person, although there is the option of targeting "up close".

The whole mod is in beta for now, and as confusing as it may seem, it’s fascinating that something like this has been performed at all. You can get access to VR mode for Horizon Zero Dawn if you support the work of Luke Ross with a donation of ten dollars, and if you are just interested in how this game works in VR, watch the following video:

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