Forspoken got a release date

Forspoken got a release date

We didn’t get any information about Final Fantasy 16 at this year’s Game Awards, but the consolation at least came in the form of another Square Enix project - Forspoken. This next-gen game got a new trailer that clarifies the story of the world of Athia.

The plot is such that Athia is caught up in corruption called Break, which destroys everything it touches. The main character, the witch Frey, is immune to this corruption and represents hope for the world around her. However, this hope is to be extinguished by the evil witch Tantia Prav, whose voice is lent by actress Pollyanna McIntosh (known from the series The Walking Dead).

In addition to meeting the evil witch, we also got a precise release date for Forspoken. If there is no delay, we will play the game on PC and PlayStation 5 platforms from May 24, 2022.

Interestingly, the PC version will be available on Steam and the Microsoft Store at the same time, which leaves the possibility of one day being included in the Game Pass, probably after the period of exclusivity that Square Enix has agreed with Sony.

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