Free shooter Arc Riders takes us into battle against big robots

Free shooter Arc Riders takes us into battle against big robots

Swedish studio Embark has embarked on a risky adventure of launching its debut game in a free-to-play format. I can afford it because behind them is the South Korean capital of Nexon, so they designed their ARC Riders with their hands-free, and showed the result of their work last night at the Game Awards show.

ARC Riders will be a third-person shooter in which you will not get far alone. It will lead to a resistance movement against mechanized opponents coming from orbit, and the battle will be cooperative. The developers say that this will not be a looter-shooter game in which it is enough to just shoot, but it will require "uncoordinated creativity of all team members" to overthrow great opponents. Some will require two players to handle weapons, and destroying an opponent will require individual heroism, perhaps even sacrifice.

It is not said how many players will be in the team, but in one part of the trailer we see up to seven soldiers/raiders marching towards the enemy. It seems that the raiders will be predefined characters, and the first two that are presented are Celeste and android Lance. All the characters have the skill of high jump in the air, which comes in handy against tall robotic opponents that crash in multiple stages.

ARC Raiders is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S. There is no specific release date yet, there is only information that it should appear during 2022.

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