PUBG becomes free permanently

PUBG becomes free permanently

PUBG: Battlegrounds becomes free to play from January 12, 2022. This applies to all versions of the game (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, and XSX / S), from the same day.

Players who have purchased PUBG: Battlegrounds before this announcement will receive a commemorative package with prize items and premium status. Namely, although PUBG will switch to the free-to-play model, not everything will be free - for example, access to ranked and custom matches will be reserved for all existing game owners, ie buyers of a premium status called Battlegrounds Plus.

Those who did not previously own PUBG will be able to buy Battlegrounds Plus at a one-time price of $ 12.99.


With the transition of PUBG to the F2P format, the era of paid battle royale games is over - at least for now. PUBG was the first and last battle royale game that could not be played for free. Although the game held up well in popularity, its "cousin" PUBG Mobile, which was a free PUBG experience on mobile platforms, achieved far greater success.

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