S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will have NFTs, will be able to buy the role of NPCs in the game

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will have NFTs, will be able to buy the role of NPCs in the game

From the earliest days of crowdfunding, game development donors have often been offered the opportunity to name or design their NPC, a playable character that all other players will encounter while playing. Such a practice had nothing to do with blockchain technology, but now we see a case of the same thing only with exciting words like Metaverse, NFT, and Meta-Human.

In the announcement of the development team GSC Game World - Stalker 2 will get a whole range of NFTs and its metaverse. It is not yet entirely clear what the NFTs will represent, but the first example is that whoever spends the most money will be able to end up in the game, ie become the first-ever Meta-Human or NPC in Stalker 2. And will have full ownership of that character; in the case, for example, Fortnite is ever interested in hosting one NPC from Stalker the owner will be able to say whether he wants to appear in another game or not.

So far, things like this have worked through crowdfunding so that the game developer determines the amount to be paid for something like this, limits it in quantity to be more tempting and who pays first - it's his. In the case of NFT for Stalker 2, it will not be "who buys first" but who pays the most at the auction - it's his.

GSC GameWorld points out that the NFTs in Stalker 2 will not affect gameplay or in any way give players an advantage over others. These should be just incidental benefits for those who have money sticking out of their ears.

In translation, we are approaching a future where regular in-game skins will be last year’s fashion, and players will instead pay developers to scan them and insert them as characters into the game itself. I mean, who does it for free for their friends, then why wouldn't others charge for it?

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