Terminator Dark Fate - Defiance real-time strategy genre

Terminator Dark Fate - Defiance real-time strategy genre

The Terminator franchise in the virtual world varies in the quality of games just as much as on the movie screen, and next year a new game set in this post-apocalyptic world will arrive. The new title in the conflict between humans and robots will not be first-person but puts us in the role of a general who will give orders to various units.

Thus, Terminator Dark Fate - Defiance is conducted as a real-time strategy genre, and its development is in charge of the Cats Who Play studio created by RTS Syrian Warfare. The influence of this title is also visible in the new Terminator, which will have a multiplayer campaign in addition to a single-player campaign.

In the campaign, we will play on the side of humanity with how the structure of missions will be such that armies will be transferred from mission to mission. Therefore, it will be necessary to play smart because losses are not desirable, although it will be possible to develop new units that will arrive on the battlefield.

There are also complex and realistic battles, destructive objects, a variety of equipment, units, and ammunition, limited resources as well as a modular system of damage to mechanization. The multiplayer component will feature three factions: Founders, Legion and Resistance, and will be able to battle in 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 battles.

It has not yet been revealed when exactly we play Terminator Dark Fate - Defiance on the PC platform. We only know how it will be sometime during the next year, and until then you can see the post-apocalyptic battlefields.

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