Starfield will have that moment of “going out” into the open-world like Bethesda’s other games

Most of the games directed by Bethesda Softworks have a specific moment when a player first encounters a view of the wide world around them. The last two games from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series had an introductory part located indoors, and the first exit from the cave or underground bunker was accompanied by an impressive scene of the environment in which we will spend most of our adventure. You see that mountain over there - you can climb it!

It has now been confirmed that this tradition will continue with Bethesda's next game - Starfield. In a development diary for Starfield, game director Todd Howard said the following:

“We always have that moment of going out into the world, so to speak… What is special to us is that we can make that moment as if it is a new experience for every next generation. I like to say that Starfield has two such moments of going out. ” - says Howard.

Given that we know that Starfield will take place on several different planets, the long moment of release will probably represent a launch into space, or a journey from one planet to another.

The development diary did not show new Starfield footage or anything close to gameplay. However, we have the opportunity to see new conceptual drawings of the environment (exterior and interior), characters, objects, and the like.

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