Razer is reportedly preparing its portable console

Razer is reportedly preparing its portable console

When Sony won't announce the PlayStation Vita 2, and Nintendo is "slack" with the 4K model of the Switch, is it time for a portable Xbox console? Not yet, but supposedly something is coming that is somewhat close to the idea. The VideoCardz portal came up with a presentation that reveals the collaboration between Qualcomm and Razer on a device that would be used to play games over a stream.

It is a device allegedly powered by a Snapdragon G3x chip, specifically developed for a portable console. The prototype of the device contains an OLED screen with a frequency of 120Hz and support for HDR, and the whole thing is powered by a large 6000 mAh battery. In addition, it supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, has a haptic vibration, can be connected to a TV or monitor, and has a 1080p camera.

The device itself is hardware-wise at the level of a modern smartphone, housed in a case resembling a portable console. Such a hybrid system is not designed for native game launching but streaming - locally from a PC or Xbox console, or the Xbox Game Cloud service.

The idea sounds interesting and a lot of players would probably jump for joy… if it wasn’t a Razer product. Unlike "big" players like Microsoft, Sony and Valve, Razer would never target such a product at a loss, which means it probably won't be cheap. By comparison, Razer's mobile controller alone costs $ 100, without any screen. In addition, Razer’s support for ambitious products and services is quite questionable after a series of failed projects (does anyone remember Razer’s game store anymore?).

In any case, the official announcement of this is expected sometime in the future, probably in 2022.

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