Valheim got a helper mode if you have no one to play with

Valheim got a helper mode if you have no one to play with

The popular RPG Valheim can be played independently or cooperatively. Each of these ways of playing has some advantages and disadvantages, but it is generally easier to play in the company of other players. Life is easier when in boss battles someone distracts the opponent, and the transport of resources goes faster with more arms/legs.

But if you’re not willing to share the game with other players, you might be interested in an alternative solution in the form of computer-controlled teammates. Namely, the Fantasy Followers Pack has appeared, which adds AI comrades to the game. Comrades are not there to deal with your opponents - they have a low level of damage, but a high amount of health/energy so they can be used for various tasks, such as guarding your base or sending them to return lost items after death.

There are currently six classes of NPCs: ranger, knight, warrior, sage, scholar, and thief; each with its specifics. For example, Sage can use magic to heal you during a fight. Comrades are added to the game by crafting a summoning totem.

The Fantasy Followers Pack mode is still in development. In future versions, the author of fashion plans to add more classes, but also useful options such as selling items to comrades, determining their training, and the like.

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