Dying Light - On this day

Dying Light - On this day

Zombies had their zenith in popular culture at the beginning of this decade. By 2015, a slight saturation of walking corpses could already be felt, which the creators of Dead Island, one of the more prominent zombie games of the seventh generation of consoles, were aware of. Polish Techland, therefore, decided to make something fresher. Unlike Dead Island, which was a fun hack’n’slash title, with Dying Light they switched to a survival horror in which significant movement was played by the movement of the character using parkour or jumping over obstacles in fast running.

Seven years ago, Dying Light was one of the first "next-gen" games to be released just for the then-new consoles (and PC). It was also one of the most expensive games in history. We do not mean the budget needed to develop the game, but the "My Apocalypse Edition" edition, which sold at a price of approximately 386 thousand dollars. As part of this edition, the customer would receive a parkour course, their shelter, NVG goggles and a trip to Poland, a visit to the developer, their face in the game, etc. It is not known if anyone bought this edition.

Dying Light achieved instant success for Techland. Already in the first week, it sold more than a million copies, which was a great result for a new IP, which set a new record for the fastest-selling new IP survival horror genre. After only half a year, the game was played by more than five million players. 2016 was followed by the expansion of Dying Light: The Following, which brought vehicles into play.

Interestingly, Techland still supports this game seven years after its release. There were all sorts of expansions for this game, including Bad Blood which gave Dying Light its version of the popular battle royale mode. But support is coming to an end next month with the sequel to Dying Light 2 Stay Human, for which the developers are also announcing five years of additional content.

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