Elgato has announced the Stream Deck Pedal

Elgato has announced the Stream Deck Pedal

Contrary to popular belief, streaming is not an easy job because a live streamer must be both an editor a screenwriter, and a sound engineer at the same time. Okay, technically it doesn’t have to be that way, but most often it is. As streamers still have only two hands, Elgato decided to help them and relieve them of the pressure of pressing the keys with their hands.

Stream Deck Pedal is their new product that at the price of 90 euros brings additional control underfoot. It is placed on the floor and controlled by the foot. It consists of three buttons: one larger in the middle and two smaller buttons on each edge. All of these keys are configurable, which means that everything imaginable can be set on them - from transmitting a command for one key to more complex macros.

Stream Deck Pedal

Elgat believes that this could be good for streamers who want to stay focused on playing, but do not want to give up control over what is crucial for their stream. Thus, with the Stream Deck Pedal, they will be able to play the game with their hands, and mute the communication on the Discord with their feet/legs.

However, the product itself has applications outside of streaming on Twitch and other platforms. The promotional video shows that the "pedal" has commands for tilting (lean) in the shooter. It is also possible to order the capture of a screenshot with the foot, and probably the ultimate application is that the pedal is used in Rockstar games, so tapping on it simulates a sprint in GTA and RDR2.

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