Ms. Pac-Man - On this day

Ms. Pac-Man - On this day

The original Pac-Man, also known as Pakkuman, came to us from Japan and is remembered as the first game that interested female audiences in playing video games. The Americans saw the statistics, added two and two, and decided to create a sequel to Pac-Man starring a female character.

Ms. Pac-Man has launched on this day 40 years ago, but it wasn’t developed like that game from the start. General Computer Corporation was working on a tool to improve the original Pac-Man, called Crazy Otto. They introduced it to the American distributor Pac-Man. They liked what they saw, and Crazy Otto became Super Pac-Man, then Pac-Woman, and finally - Ms. Pac-Man.

Ms. Pac-Man brought more diverse mazes compared to the first game, opponents were less predictable, and everything was accompanied by new effects and music. The story followed the meeting of Ms. Pac-Mana and Pac-Mana until the birth of their child. Ms. Pac-Man differed from her male half by a bow and colored lips, and although she also had hair in the first iteration, the president of Namco, which is responsible for Pac-Man, advised the creators of this game to remove their hair. 

Ms. Pac-Man was a very successful game - not like the original Pac-Man, but enough to come to life on other platforms such as the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, NES, Sega Mega Drive, and others. Ms. Pac-Man was remembered as a much better version of Pac-Man, and over time it grew into a separate series. Two years ago, a modern arcade machine Ms. Pac-Man performed by Arcade1Up.

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