A new 3DMark GPU benchmark is coming

A new 3DMark GPU benchmark is coming

The company behind the popular 3DMark benchmark, UL, has announced a new test that will be available later this year. The 3DMark Speed Way benchmark is meant to penalize graphics cards that support DirectX 12 Ultimate. It will have ray tracing and real-time global illumination effects.
Mesh shaders and variable rate shading will be supported, according to UL. 

As with Galax in the Time Spy test and MSI in Fire Strike, this benchmark is sponsored by Lenovo's Legion brand, so you'll likely see it referenced throughout the benchmark.

Speed Way will be released on Steam 'later this year,' according to UL. Overclockers, in particular, will not want to install Steam to run the benchmark, thus we expect it to be provided as a separate download from UL at some time. It's also unclear whether existing 3DMark owners would be required to purchase Speed Way or if it will be included as DLC. 

3DMark remains a popular benchmark, although it can be imbalanced in its CPU tests and has a propensity to exaggerate the impact of a strong CPU. However, tests like the ray tracing subtest are quite demanding on graphics cards, and we anticipate that this test will be no different. It's not just for present GPUs, but also for ones that will be released in the coming years.

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