Sony has confirmed the Twisted Metal TV series

Sony has confirmed the Twisted Metal TV series

And while some Sony studio is secretly working on a new Twisted Metal game, NBC and Sony have confirmed that the TV series is in production. And it will be an action-comedy.

According to Deadline, the episodes will last 30 minutes each, and the main star will be actor Anthony Mackie, known for his roles in Black Mirror and the popular TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The series is signed by Michael Jonathan, and according to the NBC director, we will watch this adrenaline-charged TV series on the Peacock streaming service. That is, we will not watch since Peacock is not yet available in our area. But we'll manage somehow.

The head of PlayStation studios also announced the announcement of the series. He says he is excited but does not reveal details about the game, which is allegedly in development.

This is the second PlayStation Productions TV series. The filming of The Last of Us series is coming to an end, and we will watch it sometime in early 2023.

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