Android applications arrived on Windows 11

Android applications arrived on Windows 11

The first major update for Windows 11 saw the light of day and brings some significant innovations, improvements, and redesign of certain applications. Although this is a public preview of the new version of Windows 11, this is a good example of how Microsoft will steer its operating system in the future.

The first novelty is the possibility of installing Android applications via the Amazon Appstore. True, there are far fewer apps than the Google Play Store, but there are ways to get the Play Store for Windows 11 - unofficially, of course.

When it comes to redesigning Windows applications, Microsoft has refreshed Notepad and Media Player. So now those who use Notepad will enjoy support for dark mode and improved browser, and Notepad now has a multi-step undo function. With the Media Player application, it is now clear that Microsoft is getting rid of the Groove Music and Windows Media Player applications, so the new Media Player has been improved and visually adapted to the rest of the Windows 11 interface.

The biggest changes, however, are the toolbar, which now displays the date and time on multiple monitors, the time widget returns to the toolbar, the mute / unmute option has been added to the toolbar for calls within Microsoft Teams, and we can quickly share views of certain applications or windows open on the toolbar to others within Teams calls.

This will not be the only update for Windows 11 this year, although Microsoft seemed to be moving to an annual system update plan: "Over time, you'll see new updates to Windows 11 for end-users, more often in addition to annual updates," Panos Panay said. the head of Windows and devices department, and added: “We will improve many of the update mechanisms we currently have, including the Microsoft Store update. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation and provide you with the best annual experience. ”

Finally, we add that Microsoft plans to test new experimental features and tools for Windows 11, including wallpaper stickers and tablet mode that are already being tested. Folders for the Start menu, redesign of the Task Manager, and new ways of arranging windows on the desktop are also planned.


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