The Last of Us series has been moved to 2023

The Last of Us series has been moved to 2023

The television series based on The Last of Us has started filming, and several episodes have already entered the post-production phase. However, the premiere is no longer planned for 2022 - we will have to wait until 2023. In an interview with Deadline, HBO content presenter Casey Bloys said the following:

"We will not broadcast it in 2022 - it is still being filmed in Canada. I think we’ll see the series in 2023. I’ve seen some early episodes, and I’m very excited. What I saw looks great, I'm looking forward to the series, but we won't be watching it in 2022. "

In the same interview, Bloys dismissed comparisons to another major series produced by HBO. He says he doesn't expect The Last of Us to become the "new Game of Thrones", alluding to the fact that their series isn't competing in popularity.

“There is no next Game of Thrones. I’ve been in this business long enough and every time someone asks what the next Sopranos are, what the next Succession is. There is no next Game of Thrones. ”

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