Bushido Blade - On this day

Bushido Blade - On this day

Fighting games have followed one concept since Street Fighter. Matches in these games had a limited duration, and fighters had an energy meter whose discharge would result in a knockout or death. However, in 1997 on the Japanese market, and on this day in 1999 in Europe, a martial arts game appeared that did not use this format. It was Bushido Blade - a game in which you could defeat your opponent with one precise shot.

The fight in Bushido Blade took place with the help of various swords (katanas, sabers, etc.), hammers, and firearms. We had six different characters at our disposal, each with his own preferred and secondary weapon.

The game was in a complete 3D environment, and the arenas for fighting were larger than in other martial arts games of the time. During the fights, the characters could chase around the arena, but some things had to be respected within the so-called. Bushido Code - for example, you were not allowed to hit your opponent with your back turned.

Bushido Blade received very good marks after the release and achieved a solid result in sales. He got his sequel the same year and then continued to live through a spiritual heir called Kengo.

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