Demon’s Souls - On this day

Demon’s Souls - On this day

The Japanese game maker FromSoftware became known to a wider circle of gamers relatively recently, although the company was founded in 1986. At first, they were developing office software, but only eight years later they launched their King’s Field game series.

It was a first-person medieval RPG series that was hard to come by outside of Japan. The first part was never officially localized, only the second came out on the European market and was treated as if it were the first. Years after that series, FromSoftware introduced its spiritual successor called Demon’s Souls. That game came out in Japan on this day 13 years ago.

Demon’s Souls was then something fresh in the RPG title offering. His theme of dark fantasy corresponded to the brutality of the game, which did not forgive the players for their mistakes in the fight. Demon’s Souls also introduced a unique asynchronous multiplayer in which players could leave messages to each other around the environment and enter each other’s game.

Demon’s Souls drew its design inspiration from several sources, including the Ico and The Legend of Zelda series. There was no pile of dialogue or great narration in the game, but the opponents spoke with their menacing looks more than anything else.

According to the chief designer, the game was never conceived as a product for masochists but only paid homage to older titles in which achievement while playing meant that the player had mastered the game with his skill.

Demon’s Souls came out as an exclusive for the PlayStation 3 only in the Asian market, and at first, there were no plans to move it to the US and Europe. However, the game was very well received and came to the USA in the same year and Europe in 2010. It has won several, Game of the Year awards and has sold a total of over 1.7 million copies.

Demon’s Souls inherited another game - Dark Souls - which as a multiplatform title grew into an even more successful series, with a total of three parts. In 2018, the servers for the multiplayer component of this game were shut down

However, in 2020, a remake of Demon’s Souls was announced, as the first real exclusive for the PlayStation 5, launched alongside that console. He worked on the Bluepoint Games studio and did a great job. The creators of Demon’s Souls, on the other hand, focused on creating a brand new IP called the Elden Ring.


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