Rockstar has confirmed that it is working on GTA 6

Rockstar has confirmed that it is working on GTA 6

Rockstar has confirmed that it is working on a new game from the GTA series. That's it - that's the whole news. Nothing else has been revealed or shown, not even said that the game will be called GTA 6, but that is finally the confirmation that fans have been waiting for for years (more than eight years have passed since the last GTA game).

Here is what they said:

“Given the unprecedented longevity of GTA 5, we know many of you have asked what’s going on with the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series. With each new project we embark on, our goal is to move significantly beyond what we have previously submitted - and therefore we are pleased to confirm that the active development of the next GTA game has already begun. We look forward to sharing more information as soon as we are ready. ”

The internet has been buzzing about GTA 6 for years and we have already heard a bunch of rumors about that game that has not been officially confirmed so far. There was talk of everything - that the game will have a protagonist, that it will be a sequel to Vice City, that it will move to South America, and whatnot. The only truth is that none of this is true until Rockstar confirms it.

If you already want to drop bets, here are some sure predictions for GTA 6:

  • Given the popularity and earnings of GTA Online, rest assured that the multiplayer component will be a significant part of the next GTA game
  • since the game is in development and will not be released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, count on Rockstar developing it for current generation consoles (read: not for PS4 and XBO)
  • Traditionally, the GTA series has changed its setting with each game, so we probably won't be playing in San Andreas again.
  • there will be cars, and rifles, and stupid conversations on radio stations, you are free to bet on that
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