House Flipper 2 has been announced

House Flipper 2 has been announced

The original 2018 House Flipper was one of the most accepted Polish games alongside The Witcher 3 and Dying Light. It's not a joke - the game has more than 50,000 recommendations on Steam, and it gave our YouTube channel one of the most popular video series. It is therefore not surprising that this renovation simulator will get its sequel.

House Flipper 2 was announced yesterday to Igor's delight, and the developers say they are building the game from the ground up. The first House Flipper was designed in a modest production so the developers couldn’t come up with some more complex ideas that they now hope to realize below.

So we should see more interactions with a variety of subjects below. However, the developers point out that House Flipper will remain focused on construction-renovation gameplay. They warn that we should not expect a simulation of life in the style of The Sims series.

The game should come out sometime during 2023. The team that develops it is the same one that worked the first part. By the way, the first House Flipper will still get new content done by a separate team. In the fifth month, the expansion with pets is already arriving.

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