Nier: The automata will get its own anime adaptation

Nier: The automaton will get its own anime adaptation

To be, or not to be? it's an eternal question, but if you ask one of the protagonists from Nier: Automata, which happens to be called 2B, then the answer is that it will be adapted in the anime version. Namely, Square Enix has confirmed that their hit Nier: Automata will be the next in a series of television adaptations of video games.

Japanese anime and music production company Aniplex has published a teaser on its YouTube channel, where we can undoubtedly see that it is a 2B sketch, with familiar RPG music, and now a website and Twitter account have been opened.

Recall, Nier: Automata has sold over 6 million copies, so we don't even have to wonder why it was chosen for the Anime adaptation. For now, we don't know how detailed and whether he will follow the story from the game at all, nor when this adaptation should see the light of day.

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